As the seasons change, and foraging finds an ever-changing array of blooms, branches, moss and rocks, each unique arrangement captures a wild, transient moment in time.

There’s something vital about having fresh flowers, a plant, something living in your space. Botanical instalments are woven from seasonal blooms and organic materials, and can be created around your mood, your decor, or the energy you’re trying to bring to a space. Delivered weekly, monthly, or for special occasions, botanical instalments bring inspire and invigorate.


Choose from packages that incorporate a weekly change of flowers of living art arrangements after a personalised evaluation of your space and its needs. From there, vessels and creations are tailored to suit you, your space, and you preferred plants and blooms.

Botanical arrangements are also customised to suit realtors, and set price creations can be ordered and delivered to offices and properties.


Botanicals hand crafted to shine as woven wild flower wearables. A customised arrangement of wild flowers, blooms, and foliage set around a head dress, crown band, necklace, or any other stage you may desire.

Customised styles and sizes are available, imagined in your preferred colours scheme but left to Mother Earth to govern seasonal inclusions. Made to order, get in touch to discuss a wearable floral botanical. A beautiful, spirited alternative for those who appreciate barefoot styling.


With a natural affection for the wedding bouquet, the one arrangement that speaks joy and sentiment to the bride, I love to create with freedom. A bridal bouquet should, I believe, bring a glow to the special day and have an affinity with the personality of the bride. Magic moments require something outside the box. If you’re a barefoot bride and have an open mind, we’ll work wonders together.


Celebrating a life is both a joyous and moving occasion. River Moon specialises in heartfelt creations that speak to the wordly passions of the life being celebrated, their favourite colours, pastimes, sights, and sounds. Evoke cherished memories, uplift the energy around a life passed to higher realms, and leave a smile on loved ones’ faces. Flower creations need to be as beautiful as the memories they evoke.

A customised, unique casket spread has a starting price of $650.00. Pillar arrangements begin at $250.00. Depending on the location of your celebration, delivery fees may be applicable.


A step beyond hand crafted botanical installations, there’s a complete staging service for photo shoots, and editorial features. Need a background? Wearable botanicals? A living wall? A wildflower set? Get in touch to discuss your needs.